dangers of eating garlic


Garlic does so many great things. But in this garlic care guide, I’m going to talk about the dangers of garlic. Today I did a complete guide on all the benefits of garlic.

People are on it for their blood sugars and to stabilize them, especially people who have high blood pressure to help lower it and help prevent cardiovascular disease, heart problems, strokes, and clot formation.

It’s an antioxidant, antifungal, and antibacterial. People love the effects, but there are side effects and dangers that we are going to talk about today. I will offer some solutions at the end of the video. I will talk about the dose not to exceed. So what is the correct dose?

If you like these types of guides to keep your skin and body beautiful, healthy, and vibrant, we are going to do more of this garlic guide for you.

Please leave a comment after reading this guide because garlic does make people look younger, and there are so many benefits for the skin that are talked about in the complete garlic health benefits here.

Now, what are some of the dangers of eating garlic?



Now let’s find out the dangers of eating garlic


A heart attack is when there is a clot in the heart. The blood is too thick if you want to think of it that way. A heart attack is when there is a blockage in a vessel.

That is a heart attack in the brain. When the blood is thinner, that is usually a good thing for many people because obesity, diabetes, people with other problems have died, and people aren’t drinking water. They are dehydrated. All of this leads to thickening of the blood or

People are on aspirin, or people might be going to get surgery. If they are going to get aesthetic surgery, if they are getting filler needles put in their face, it will lead to bruising or unwanted effects, so be mindful of that.


It’s not too dangerous, but it’s the number one reason why people don’t take garlic. I do want to hear from you on this.

What are your solutions? So please comment or read this garlic care guide about how to get rid of garlic. For bad breath, the quick solution is, of course, brushing, flossing, taking mint, crushed mint, or mint in water has been shown to help, and of course, green tea, which has a lot of polyphenols and antioxidants, has been shown to decrease the breath problem associated with garlic, but it is difficult for a lot of people to eat a meal and then have access to those products or immediately brush their teeth.

It is kind of cumbersome, so it is a side effect and it’s so common that people stop taking garlic, and that’s unfortunate. There are supplements, there is aged garlic or garlic extract, black garlic, or, as we have talked about it here and as have mentioned before,


I mentioned that blood pressure affects Some people will get dizziness, especially if they get up quickly, but people that are on blood pressure medications and especially uncontrolled, can lower their blood pressure too much.

I know most people are struggling with bringing it down. That is a problem we have in many developed countries, but you can bring it down too much or if you are already on those medications, people have to be very careful. You don’t want to have falls or low blood pressure. That can be a problem.


People get diarrhea, bloating, and gas when they eat it on an empty stomach; one quick fix is to eat it with your food, perhaps after an appetizer or something in your stomach.


You might know it’s a reflex. We call it gastroesophageal reflux disease because it’s so common. It lowers the tone of that star that helps keep the food in the stomach, but when it lowers the tone, and if people are obese or have other problems or are prone to it, the food comes back up in the esophagus and people get heartburn.

A terrible problem, and then they are taking drugs to get rid of it. Not good. So garlic can cause heartburn, especially in higher doses and on an empty stomach.


Well, not to exceed three cloves in a day, but one to two cloves are the accepted amount I know in cooking, it’s hard because you are putting more clothes in because you are making meals for multiple people but you can do the math when you are making a larger meal and a lot, the amount to one to two cloves per person on average.

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