how to braid garlic bulb


Are fun of garlic and like using garlic? In this guide, we will focus on how to braid garlic bulb, so if you have a problem with how to braid garlic bulb then your solution is here in this guide.

The tidy way to store your garlic is the garlic braid. However, we get many benefits from braiding garlic than just its looks.

There is also convenience in being able to get a garlic clove at any time you need it while that garlic remains fresher for longer, for the reason being that there is an improvement in air circulation.

It seems very annoying in braiding garlic at first but whey the basic down, you can do it a few time with fun.


Follow the process below in other to braid cure garlic;

  1. Clean the garlic bulbs. It is not necessary to get garlic clean before you cure it, but you should have enough time to take off any hiding dirt before you braid it. Sometimes you found it easy to take off all the dirty and other unwanted dirt by just brushing all the dirt off or away with just your fingers. But remember that if the garlic bulbs are really dirty, you have to use a cloth that is soft to remove and clean the dirt.


When the garlic bulbs are too much dirt that you can remove the dirt with your bare finger or cloth, then you have to try using an old toothbrush to get rid of the dirt from it, please just be gentle in other not to bruise the garlic when cleaning it with the toothbrush.

Also if the garlic bulbs are very dirty or extremely dirty, then you have to just remove a few outer layers of the dry skin of the garlic.

  1. Trim the Garlic bulbs. For you to make sure that you have wind up with a neat, very attractive braid of garlic, then you have to trim the garlic bulbs before you have to braid. Garlic bulbs are usually attached with long and scraggly roots.

Meaning you have to get rid of them by cutting them in approximately one-fourth inch (1/4-inch). You can use regular scissors to trim the garlic bulbs just because the roots are not very thick.


There may a case where the leaves are jagged or scraggy, so if you see such a case then you have to make sure to trim them very well because braiding it can be difficult.

  1. Soak the garlic stems. The next step in how to braid garlic is to soak the garlic stems, this is because the garlic bulbs leave become easier to braid so that is why you have to soak them in water which is the best way to make it very flexible.

This is how to soak the garlic stems in water, first take a bowl or a sink full of lukewarm water, and submerge only the leaves into it because you should not let the bulbs get wet. And let the leave be in the water for about 15 to 30 minutes. Or until they leave becomes flexible.

On the other hand, for you not to soak the leaves in the water you can also sandwich the garlic leaves between two thoroughly wet towels. And here to make sure the bulbs are not wet. And let the leaves be there for 15 to 30 minutes.

  1. The next step is to select the three largest garlic bulbs and crisscross them. You will need about 12 garlic bulbs if you really want to make an attractive braid, so if you are choosing the ones you are using then put aside the three largest garlic bulbs for them to serve as a start of the braid.

Put all of them on a flat surface leaving one garlic bulb in the centre, one at the left and also one at it right. You may leave two of them crisscrossed each other or one another to form x over the centre of the other bulbs, while leaving the one pointed at you.


Is very beneficial to secure or protect the place where the garlic bulbs overlap with a piece of twine.

You have to also make sure that the piece you are using wide enough to cover the garlic bulbs so that there will enough excess that you can protect an additional bulb that you place in the braid.

  1. Here you have to start adding bulbs. Now is the time to place or add the fourth bulb to the existing bundle for it to match up with the centre bulb. For you to make the braiding easier you have to use the excess twins to protect the fourth bulb.

Next in a crisscross fashion you have to take two bulbs and let it align with the two diagonal bulbs.

You have time to line the bulbs up as much as possible for it to be easier when it comes to the time to braid.

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