how long does garlic stay in your blood stream


We welcome you to garliccare, here we try to answers all you question about garlic and how to grow garlic, plant garlic, and garlic recipes. But this article or guide will talk about how long does garlic stay in your blood stream but if you are wondering about the smell in your breath don’t worry because you can get rid or remove garlic smell from your breath.


Garlic stay in your body or the bloodsteam for up to two (2) days because of sulfer compounds and salt which is a sulfur compountd in from the garlic.


Garlic is very delicious. But if you eat it raw or swallow it in sufficient quantity, its stench can drive away not only vampires, but anyone within 5 feet of it.

What’s behind the garlic breath that makes it so aggressive? In a video, members of the American Chemical Society and the Compound Interest Chemistry blog present the chemicals responsible for odors.

Garlic cut or crushed allicin compounds disperse the nises, which are then broken down into four more foul-smelling compounds. The most harmful of these is allyl methyl sulfide, which can stay in your body for a long time. Not only does it increase your respiration, but it also enters your bloodstream as it enters your sweat and urine.

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Getting rid of odors can be incredibly difficult once you take this chemical. “Humans and animals are extremely sensitive to the smallest amounts of sulfur compounds,” said Eric Block, a professor in the Department of Chemistry at Albany State University of New York and author of Garlic and Other Alumni.

Once you metabolize these compounds, the odor goes away, called block salt. But it can take some time – up to two days, although it varies from person to person.

Some people can break it down quickly, but “I’m not one of them,” he says. “I’m a garlic lover, and my wife – who has a great sense of smell – says she can still smell it on my skin 48 hours after eating garlic.”

Some studies have shown that milk fat can help us break down allyl methyl sulfide faster. The parcel is also given in the ACS video.

But such remedies can be uncertain, Block says; Instead, he recommends masking garlic with other strong flavors.

Citrus fruits can help, says Bhimu Patil, a horticulturist at A&M University in Texas, but it’s based on real evidence.

Garlic – especially when eaten raw – is healthy, Patil said. “Maybe eat it at night,” he says. “That way you can have a social life too.”

But if you fill yourself up with garlic because you think it will cure your cold or reduce your risk of cancer, don’t be too optimistic.

Some preliminary studies have shown that the antimicrobial properties of garlic can benefit our health, explains Patil. And epidemiological studies have shown that countries where people eat large quantities of garlic suggest that it may reduce the risk of cancer.

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But, he said, “we need to do more analysis. We really need to understand the role of these compounds in garlic – both good and bad.”

And since garlic is so hot, most of us are probably not eating enough to have any major health benefits, says Block.

However, it stops the spread of the disease in at least one way, Block says. “As I heard a comedian say, eating garlic will make you smell so bad that no one will want to come near you.”


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