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9 Of The Most Effective Companion Plants To Grow With Garlic, do you want to know the plant that grows well with garlic or companion plants to grow with garlic? that stay calm as this garlic growing guide will dive into the 9 Of The Most Effective Companion Plants To Grow With Garlic in the garden.

There is absolutely no scent a lot more calming to me than that of smashed garlic cloves sauteing in olive oil. When somebody close to you has just recently appreciated fresh garlic, you can constantly tell.

As well as while some might discover that scent a bit overwhelming, I take place to enjoy the smell of this poignant bulb.

And also if you think it doesn’t smell when it’s growing in the ground, think again.
I grew four garlic cloves in a container recently and set the pot on the moving yard cart in my workplace.

It took just a few hrs for my entire workplace to handle the natural, zesty scent of this aromatic natural herb.

The good news for garden enthusiasts everywhere is that many insects and insects locate the odourless than appealing.

Actually, they find it downright repulsive.
This aromatic bulb makes a fantastic all-natural parasite repellent. Only a few pests are like me and also don’t mind the aroma whatsoever.

In this article, you’ll discover which plants expand finest along with this aromatic bulb. Plus, I have actually included a list of plants not to sow next door to the odiferous Allium sativum.

9 Companion Plants for Garlic or companion plants to grow with garlic

 You are going to learn about in this growing guide are as follows:

  1. Cabbage
  2. Chamomile
  3. Fruit Trees
  4. Peppers
  5. Roses
  6. Rue
  7. Spinach
  8. Strawberries
  9. Tomatoes



Companion planting is an excellent way for plants with mutually helpful qualities to sustain each other’s growth.
Primarily, it indicates planting things thoughtfully in the same raised bed or row so that the bordering plants will certainly prosper or supply some form of shared benefit.

Here are the 3 main functions that garlic and also its buddies can play when planted with each other:.

  • Bug repellents: the pungent aroma can fend off many insect parasites.
  • Fungal repellents: the sulfur in the light bulb is recognized to drive away many types of soil-borne fungi.
  • Ground cover suppliers: some low growing plants groundcover to maintain garlic without frustrating weeds.

The bulb also brings in useful and also predatory bugs, such as wasps, ladybugs, and also lacewings.

The only things you must not grow along with it are:

  • Asparagus
  • Beans
  • Parsley
  • Peas
  • Sage

Due to the fact that the natural herb is known to prevent their growth or complete for resources, this is.

According to Garden experts and writer of the companion growing guide, “Carrots Love Tomatoes,” garlic and all various other Alliums inhibit the development of beans.

Basically, garlic benefits most plants in your yard, with simply a couple of exemptions. In this short article, we’ll concentrate on 9 of the very best plants to grow as companions.


Most individuals plant A. sativum outdoors in the loss, permitting it to go inactive throughout the winter season before it starts vigorous growth in the springtime.

But a few of the plants that are most beneficial to put in the ground with the light bulbs choose a springtime sowing. Due to this, companion planting takes a bit of advanced preparation.

To pair with plants that you’d usually grow in the spring, you can either sow a spring plant of prechilled hardneck garlic or a softneck type to be harvested in 3 months, which doesn’t call for cooling.

If you sow your cloves in the loss, leave the area to add spring-planted buddies in March, April, and also May.
Attempt ‘Songs’ in Areas 7 as well as below, together with any of the complying with nine plants.

This abundant, flavorful hardneck cultivar is readily available in packs of 3 light bulbs from Burpee. Or try the softneck cultivar ‘Texas Rose’ in Zones 8 and up.


Garlic is understood to push back typical cabbage parasites such as cabbage loopers, diamondback moths, and also cabbage moths and also worms.
That’s not all.

9 Of The Most Effective Companion Plants To Grow With Garlic_Cabbage

I once came home in late summer to discover my gorgeous cabbage heads annihilated by– you presumed it– moose.
Their hoofprints were throughout my loamy yard soil. (Sniff, smell!).

Moose on a regular basis see my backyard here in Alaska as well as have been understood to appreciate my apple, aspen, maple, willow, and also birch trees as well as my cabbage plants.

What I recognize currently is that garlic deters bugs as large as moose as well as deer, as well as smaller animals like rabbits and also squirrels.

Yet an additional factor to plant everything over my yard!
For a yummy cabbage to interplant, why not attempt this gorgeous ‘Brunswick’ cabbage.

You can locate seeds in a range of packet sizes at Eden Brothers.
And also be sure to look into our overview of expanding cabbage in the garden below.


Tea made from this sweet-smelling herb has helped me with several a belly.

If you like chamomile, Matricaria chamomilla, try growing it next to your garlic: it’s claimed to enhance the flavour of the aromatic Allium.


Locate seed packages in a range of sizes for this rather, daisy-like plant at Eden Brothers.
Discover more about expanding chamomile in your herb garden right here.


Have you ever thought about planting garlic at the base of your fruit trees?
If not, currently’s the time to begin.

Garlic’s antifungal homes can protect against apple scab in apple trees, as well as fallen leave crinkle in peach trees. It also pushes back aphids, Japanese beetles, as well as mites.

Fruit tree by pixabay

Most notably for me up right here in Alaska, the odiferous bulb pushes back moose.

Even though I have actually already constructed fences around my fruit trees, I’ll possibly grow garlic there also.

My local moose are incredibly relentless, and the more defence my trees have, the much better.

Attempt ‘Crimson Rocket’ peach for a wonderful, succulent companion to your Allium plants.

This cultivar is sturdy to Areas 5-8, and you can discover bare origin trees readily available at Burpee.


Garlic can assist keep problematic fungi away from this Sun- and also warmth-loving plants.

Companion Plants To Grow With Garlic
Companion Plants To Grow With Garlic by Pixabay

Plant peppers alongside young garlic in late spring or early summertime, and watch as your peppers grow in the lack of soil-borne verticillium wilt, Phytophthora blight, and also a white mould.

I, for one, plan to plant ‘Jalapeno’ peppers along with my A. sativum this springtime.
These are 2 of the scrumptious ingredients that I utilize to make my preferred homemade salsa Fresca.

How ideal will it be to be able to harvest them both from my very own yard in the autumn!


‘ Jalapeno’ peppers are perennial in Areas 9-11 and grow as hot annuals anywhere else.

You can find packages of 125 ‘Jalapeno’ seeds at Burpee.
Find out more regarding expanding peppers in your yard below.

  1. ROSES

Though garlic’s nickname is “the having an odour rose,” it’s not most likely that you’ll ever really perplex your garlic plants for one of these wonderful smelling blossoms.

Companion Plants To Grow With Garlic

And also neither will certainly the insects that enjoy roses.
Rose pests hate garlic.

Plant cloves in a circle your fave increased shrubs and enjoy as– for as soon as– spider mites, ants, snails, and also blackspot fungus leave your stunning blossoms alone.

Attempt interplanting extra-cold-resistant ‘Coral Drift’ roses with your A. sativum.

They’re hardy in Zones 4-11, as well as bare roots are available from Burpee.

6. RUE

Are onion flies laying eggs at the base of your garlic plants triggering maggots to infest your Allium bulbs?

Companion Plants To Grow With Garlic_Rue
Companion Plants To Grow With Garlic_Rue

Try growing rue, Rutagraveolens, along the boundary of your Allium patch.
With a lengthy background of medicinal use, this powerful-smelling herb is likewise a well-known pest repellent, specifically noted for its capacity to maintain flies and maggots away.

Hardy in Zones 4-10, you can find rue seeds in packages of 1,000 offered from Outsidepride via


Spinach is beneficial because it creates a form of groundcover when interplanted with the stinking rose, protecting against weeds from hindering its development.

Spinach by Pixabay

You can also attempt sowing arugula and lettuce as comparable reduced existing plants together with your growing light bulbs.

And also since you would certainly be harvesting these plants, you would certainly need to succession plant seeds every two to four weeks to keep a constant protective layer around your garlic.

Simply ensure you choose a spinach cultivar that spreads around six to 9 inches as well as expands concerning six to nine inches high at maturation.
You don’t want it to eclipse your A. sativum, however, you do desire it to spread so it can work as a valuable weed obstacle.

Attempt ‘Double Take Crossbreed’ spinach, durable in Zones 2-9.
Packages of 200 seeds are available from Burpee.


A please note: some garden enthusiasts believe garlic can actually prevent the growth of strawberries.

However, this hasn’t been definitively verified.
What has been confirmed is that garlic hinders spider mites, which can devastate a strawberry spot.


For ideal outcomes, plant 2 rows of smelly assistant bulbs in between 2 rows of strawberries.

Trying to find a sweet strawberry cultivar to expand in your A. sativum patch?

Try ‘Gem.’ It’s sturdy to Areas 4-8, and bare-root plants are readily available from Burpee. Or select from one of our 35 preferred strawberry varieties.


Nightshade like the aforementioned peppers, tomatoes take advantage of growing near garlic, as well. The odiferous light bulbs can help to keep spider termites far from tomato plants.

Companion Plants To Grow With Garlic_Tomatoes
Companion Plants To Grow With Garlic_Tomatoes

Tomatoes can already be complicated to expand, so why not sow A. sativum straight in between your tomato plants for added security from bugs?

I prepare to attempt these ‘Fresh Salsa Hybrid’ tomatoes in my garden– best for contributing to homemade fresh salsa. Seeds and plants are readily available from Burpee.

Growing garlic in between the tomatoes makes it that much easier to gather both at the same time for garden-fresh salsa.

Plant a springtime plant of garlic concerning a month before you sow the tomatoes as well as they’ll await harvest at the same time.

Or see our summary of the very best tomato varieties to grow in your home for even more concepts!


The plants explained above are excellent companions. They either offer included benefits when expanded together with my favoured, savoury light bulb, or they stand to benefit substantially from being grown close to the delightfully smelly Allium.

But apart from the list of plants you don’t wish to expand with A. sativum, you can virtually stick the bulb near any type of growing point and also watch as it lends its pest-repelling superpowers.


Have you ever attempted companion planting with garlic? Which fruits, veggies, or natural herbs profited one of the most from expanding in close proximity to this foul-smelling natural herb?

Let us understand in the comments!
And also for more information concerning growing garlic in your garden, check out these overviews next

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